Primary Election June 11th, 2024.
Early Voting is from May 25th to June 7th, 2024.
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Jim Marchant

for US Senate Nevada

“There is nothing more precious than our freedom and personal liberty and I am running for the US Senate to defend it.”

Why You Should Vote for Jim Marchant for US Senate Nevada

I am the only candidate in the Primary that has won an election in Nevada. I am the only candidate who has any experience of serving in a legislature, the Nevada Assembly. 

I have a very conservative voting record while I was a legislator here in Nevada. I was ranked #1 most conservative legislator in the Nevada Assembly by American Conservative Union.

I have been endorsed by Senator Tommy Turberville from Alabama, probably the most Pro-Trump, America First Senator in the US Senate.

And by Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona, one of the leading members of the House Freedom Caucus.

I am NOT endorsed by anyone in the Uni-Party like one of my opponents, Sam Brown. He is endorsed by Uni-Party members Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Steve Daines, and many other RINOs.

Also, I actually live in Nevada, unlike another candidate, Jeff Gunter. He primarily lives in Beverly Hills, California, and was a registered Democrat in California and voted as a Democrat as late as 2021. He has not even voted in Nevada, Only California.

I trust that the great citizens of Nevada will not be fooled by a Carpetbagger Democrat from California who is trying to use his wealth to buy a Senate Election in a state he doesn’t even live in.

Jeff Gunter

Is a Democrat from Beverly Hills, California

His Primary Residence is a House in Beverly Hills, California

Jeff Gunter was a registered Democrat until 2023.
Click here to see Politico article.

Los Angeles County Voting Registration Records Showing Gunter was a Democrat until 2023

I am the only candidate who has won multiple Republican Primary elections and run in a statewide General election. I received almost 500,000 votes in Nevada, almost as many votes as Governor Lombardo which indicates I have very high name recognition and have proven I have the Grass-Roots support. I have not lost a primary election yet and I have won all three of them by more than 5% while being outspent 10 to 1 by my opponents. 

No other candidate is better positioned to win the 2024  US Senate Republican Primary election than me.

2020 Primary Election

US House of Representatives Congressional District 4

2020 General Election

US House of Representatives Congressional District 4

2022 Primary Election

Nevada Secretary of State 2022

2022 General Election

Nevada Secretary of State 2022

President Trump has Endorsed me in both of my previous General Elections. Nevada US House of Representatives for Congressional District 4 and for Nevada Secretary of State.

2020 Nevada General Election

US House of Representatives Congressional District 4

2022 Nevada General Election

Nevada Secretary of State
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Thank you for visiting my Website

Many over the past six months or so have asked me ‘why’ I am campaigning for the United States Senate.

In most of your and mine lifetimes, we have witnessed campaigns in which the candidates complain about various issues. Almost none of these issues have threatened the very survival of this great nation. This election is different.

Nevada and America, this election is a defining moment in our history as a nation and our future. Make no mistake, and do not misunderstand that our future freedoms, liberties, and sovereignty as a Democratic Republic are at stake.

The sad truth is that many of our elected officials now belong to the World Economic Forum. You can read their website and see who these officials are. Then, read the goals, and you will immediately understand the inroads that the WEF has made into America’s capitulation of this evil plan to seize our nation.

Looking at the (what many say is an) invasion on our Southern Border, the devaluation of our dollar, the exorbitant inflation, the massive addition to our national debt, the allowance of enemy foreign nations to purchase our farmland, the destruction of our energy independence, and the defunding of our law enforcement are all means to an end for these corrupted politicians on Capitol Hill.

Historically speaking, one of America’s greatest assets for our freedoms has been “free and fair elections.”

As you know, I have been on the front lines of this battle to have “free and fair” elections both in Nevada and nationally. I have been the warrior fighting for same-day voting, paper ballots, and providing a government-issued ID when voting.

For nearly three decades, I fought and won the war to prevent the government from declaring that the Internet was a “utility” thus preventing a government takeover of the Internet.

Nevada, our nation needs warriors on Capitol Hill. America needs men and women who will not “sell out” to special interest, Political Action Committees, Lobbyists, and coercion of one’s moral obligations.

It is time, it is time for honesty, it is time for transparency, and it is time we send Americans who will stand up for the “We the People” and are prepared to do what is right for our States.

If you believe as I do that Nevada deserves a proven warrior for our State, then I humbly request that you click on “Meet Jim,” read, then support this campaign for Nevada.

God bless each of you who read this and thank you so much for visiting my website.

Jim Marchant
Candidate for United States Senate Nevada

Vision, Principles & Beliefs

My Guiding Principles

What You Can Expect from Me

If elected to represent the citizens of Nevada in the US Senate, I will use the following principles as my guide on how to vote on bills.

1.) Does the bill abide by the “Constitution of the United States of America” as our Founders intended?

2.) Does the bill reduce government regulations, reduce the size of government, eliminate entitlements, or eliminate unnecessary programs?

3.) Does the bill reduce taxes or fees?

4.) Does the bill absolutely protect our right to keep and bear arms and prevent the altering of the 2nd Amendment?

5.) Does the bill encourage responsible behavior by individuals and families and encourage them to provide for their own health, safety, education or general welfare?

6.) Does the bill increase opportunities for individuals or families to decide, without hindrance or coercion from government, how to conduct their own lives and make personal choices?

7.) Does the bill enhance the power of parents and guardians to rear their own children without excessive interference from the government?

This is my Vision and the Principles that guide me. This is my promise to you.

If you want to be represented in Washington DC by someone who will keep his word, oppose any and all efforts to raise your taxes, and vote consistently for limited, responsible, affordable, constitutional government…
Then I’m your guy and I ask for your support and your vote.

First 100 Days

Many candidates will make many promises during their campaigns.

For Jim Marchant, these promises are more of a pledge to the residents of Nevada. The following are three pledges that Jim will fulfill in his “First 100 days” in office.

One Bill-One Vote: Pork Barrel Politics has a long and dubious history on Capitol Hill. It is not debatable that “pork” is one of the primary causes of our nation’s $35 trillion in debt. Jim Marchant pledges that in his first 100 days in office as Nevada’s next United States Senator, he will author or co-sign a bill that would eliminate pork from legislation being submitted for a vote.

One-Bill-One-Vote legislation will be designed to prevent pork from being attached to the originating legislation. If a bill is submitted to the House or the Senate, it will be forced to stand on its own merits without additional riders being attached.

Foreign Ownership of our Land: Recently, in Michigan and across America, foreign governments (particularly China) have been purchasing vast tracts of land (mostly farmland) to construct large solar farms. Jim Marchant will introduce legislation that would prohibit any foreign entity from owning American land. Recently, the Governor of Arkansas signed legislation stopping China from owning land in Arkansas. If this law is good enough for the Razorback State, it is good enough for America.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma: Lean Six Sigma is a renowned auditing process that strips waste from large budgets and dramatically reduces spending to save large corporations vast amounts of money. In his first 100 days in the Senate, Jim will sponsor or cosponsor legislation to have the entire Federal Government audited with the Lean Six Sigma accounting process. It is estimated that this process would trim several duplicative agencies out of government as well as trim waste by a trillion or more dollars annually, thus driving us closer to balancing our budget and reducing the size and scope of government.

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