Border Security and Immigration

As FBI Director Christopher Wray recently stated in a Congressional Hearing, it is no longer a case of “if” America is attacked but when we are attacked.

The sad truth is that President Joe Biden scrapped former President Trump’s border policies on his first day in office after being sworn in.

As a result, today, according to Homeland Security and the Border Patrol, the United States has some 1.6 million “Gotaways” roaming around our nation. It is now estimated that America has some 15 million illegal aliens in our country.

Jim Marchant strongly believes in legal immigration. Because of immigrants, America became the world’s bastion of freedom, liberty, free enterprise, and a beacon of hope for the world.

America welcomes immigrants. However, it must be done legally, and the numbers need to be controlled. Currently, the border, both North and South, needs to be shut down, illegal aliens need to be deported, and we need to permanently secure this nation.

WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE BORDER POLICIES. We only need to enforce the laws we have had on the books for decades, which worked adequately until Joe Biden became president.


Economy and Jobs

It is widely accepted that when corporate taxes are lower, investment is made, jobs are created, and the economy explodes, benefitting all of our nation.

In recent years, Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump created tremendous economic growth with sound economic policies, and fewer crushing business regulations which created millions of new jobs.

Jim believes that many corporations would relocate back to our shores if we became more corporate-friendly, thus bringing back hundreds of thousands and possibly more jobs to our nation.

Bringing back many companies means we must encourage expanding trade occupations to support these companies. Jim Marchant believes in supporting the “trades” as a meaningful career to build wealth and achieve the American dream.

Healthy companies mean a healthy nation.


Election Integrity

The Democrat’s Greatest Fear

Hypothetically speaking, What would happen if all fifty states had conservative “Secretaries of States” who managed to get voting reforms implemented, which stopped voting fraud in its tracks? 

If all our states had put in place “safeguards,” we would not have had the controversy in the 2020 Presidential election. Every American would have known that the election was accurate, and the citizens of this nation would have had confidence that their votes counted. 

Example: In Berrien County, Michigan, there were more votes cast in 2020 for President than registered voters for all parties. This was not an anomaly as this event did, in fact, happen in many locations across our nation. Why?

For the United States of America’s Constitutional Representative Republic to survive going forward, “WE SIMPLY MUST ENSURE ELECTION INTEGRITY!” 

Every American must have confidence in our electoral process! 

Out in Nevada, there happens to be the Democrat’s greatest fear.

His name is Jim Marchant.   

In fact, Jim is so feared that the morning after the Nevada primaries, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer took to the floor of the United States Senate and gave a resounding speech describing how the “sky was falling if this Republican was elected as Secretary of State in Nevada. 

Schumer’s quote on the floor of the Senate; The example of Nevada’s Secretary of State Race is especially bone-chilling. Jim Marchant, a hard-right radical who openly believes that the 2020 election results were illegitimate, believes the Big Lie, and he is now running to be the top elections official in Nevada. Mr. Marchant is someone who openly thinks Donald Trump should be the President right now, and if he wins in November, he will be Nevada’s most important elections official and would pose a direct threat – a direct threat – to the democratic process in that state. He must be rejected by the people of every political persuasion.

Senator Schumer has a problem with Jim Marchant. Why? 

  • Could it be because Jim Marchant wants to outlaw ballot harvesting and voting drop boxes? 
  • Could it be because Jim wants to return to paper ballots with encrypted watermarks to ensure that voter fraud cannot transpire because all ballots would be hand counted?
  • Could it be because Jim is now leading a coalition of Secretaries of State (and candidates) who want to implement same-day voting (except for requested and verified absentee voting)?
  • Could it be because Jim wants every voter to show a proper ID with a voter registration card?

What happened (or did not happen) in 2020 is history. Jim Marchant wants to ensure the future of America, our liberty, confidence in our voting process, and faith in our system, which has stood the test of time for over 240 years. 

The Democrats are throwing millions at Jim Marchant to stop him!

We are now finding out just how “IMPORTANT” the position of Secretary of State is. 

Help Jim lead the fight to get all states to clean up their voting files, the voting process, and election integrity.

It’s starting in Nevada, and it’s beginning with Jim Marchant. 

We know that times are tough at the moment. But this is an election that will determine the survivability of our nation as we have known it. 

Please support Jim with a donation of $25-50-100.00 today.

He is leading the fight for your and my future. Thank you, and May God Bless you.


Energy Independence

We had affordable gasoline, diesel, and electricity just four short years ago. 

Four short years ago, we were constructing the Keystone Pipeline, which would have transported oil from the oil fields of Alberta and North Dakota (where we have hundreds of years of supply) to the refineries in Oklahoma and Texas.

Yes, four short years ago, we were on the verge of total energy independence, which would have been the first time in a half-century. No longer would OPEC determine our gasoline prices at the pump. No longer would we be reliant as a nation on a foreign dictatorial hand determining our future.

The truth is that oil, natural gas, and coal provide America with security and a healthy economy. Without having control over these necessities, we are at the mercy of foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Oman, and more. 

Today, this administration has once again put us at the mercy of these governments (which are not our friends) who control our very economic health, freedoms, and survivability. 

Jim Marchant, as your next United States Senator will fight for energy independence at every level. He will not be swayed by Green Energy activists who cheer when industry is crippled and our economy is bludgeoned. 

Jim fully realizes that oil plays a major role in our inflation rates and will fight to make groceries once again affordable for the American family.

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