Path To Victory Information

In 2016 Donald Trump received 125,313 votes in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, a high-water mark for any Republican in a presidential election year.

Trump received more votes than any Republican who has ever run for office in District 4; more than Mitt Romney, Dean Heller, Joe Heck and Cresent Hardy.

This Republican high-water mark exceeds any vote total the Democrat incumbent Steven Horsford has ever received. His high-water mark is 121,962.

President Trump’s performance suggests a populist conservative message performs well in District 4.

Also, the 2020 election cycle does not have any State of Nevada Constitutional Office races and there are not any US Senate races either. So, I will be #2 on the ballot right below President Trump and will get a lot of attention from the President and the RNC.

I am a former Legislator in Nevada. I served in the Nevada State Assembly representing District 37.

I was ranked #1 most conservative voting Legislator in the Nevada Assembly By Matt Schlapp’s American Conservative Union.

I am NRA A+ Rated as a Nevada Legislator.

I am a Pro-Life Christian and received a 100% rating from Nevada Right to Life organization while serving as a Legislator in Nevada.

The Nevada Assembly district I was elected to resides almost 100% in Congressional District 4. This means, almost 17,000 voters have already voted for me multiple times.

Lastly 2016, third party candidates received over 18,000 votes, well above Kihuen’s margin of victory over Hardy. In other words, the Libertarian and IAP candidates cost Hardy his re-election. I am the only Republican Candidate that has a chance of keeping one or both 3rd parties from entering the 2020 race. So, if we are able to convince third party candidates to stay out of the race, our chance of winning this seat will increase substantially.

In late January 2019, I went to Washington and met with the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee), who is in charge of recruiting and vetting congressional candidates. I also met with and had a great meeting with Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. I believe we made a convincing case as to why Republicans can win this seat back from the Democrats in 2020. Soon after I returned home, Leader McCarthy’s office notified us with the great news that they added Nevada’s Congressional District 4 to their target list of 55 districts they would like to take back in 2020 and would substantially invest in.

My goal with this information is to solicit donations so we can compete with the well funded Democrat candidate Steven Horsford.

This information clearly illustrates why we think we can win this election.

Please feel free to call, text or email me if you have any questions. 702-305-7475. [email protected]