What You Can Expect From Me

I will use the following principles to guide how I vote on bills as I represent my neighbors in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.  
  1. Does the bill reduce government regulations, reduce the size of government, eliminate entitlements, or eliminate unnecessary programs?
  2. Does the bill reduce taxes or fees?
  3. Does the bill absolutely protect our right to keep and bear arms and prevent the altering of the 2nd Amendment?
  4. Does the bill encourage responsible behavior by individuals and families and encourage them to provide for their own health, safety, education or general welfare?
  5. Does the bill increase opportunities for individuals or families to decide, without hindrance or coercion from government, how to conduct their own lives and make personal choices?
  6. Does the bill enhance the power of parents and guardians to rear their own children without excessive interference from the government?
  7. Does the bill abide by the “Constitution of the United States of America” as our Founders intended?

My Promise To You

I will keep my word, communicate often, help create solutions for our state’s growth, oppose efforts to raise your taxes, and vote consistently for limited, responsible, affordable, constitutional government.