Why You Should Vote for Jim Marchant for US Senate Nevada

Here is why you should vote for Jim Marchant for US Senate in Nevada.

Jim is the only MAGA/America First candidate in the US Senate Primary race that has won an election in Nevada. He is the only candidate who has any experience of serving in a legislature, the Nevada Assembly.

He had a very conservative voting record while he was a legislator in Nevada. He was ranked #1 most conservative legislator in the Nevada Assembly by the American Conservative Union.

He has been endorsed by Senator Tommy Turberville from Alabama, the most Pro-Trump, America First Senator in the US Senate.

And by Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona, one of the leading members of the House Freedom Caucus.

And by “Mr. My Pillow” Mike Lindell, who worked very closely with Jim on exposing the Election Integrity problem in our country and providing solutions to fix it.

The RINO/Uni-Party wing of the Republican Party does not like Jim because Jim is Pro-Trump, MAGA/America First, and cannot be bought by them. Jim will not sell out to them and they know it.

They prefer his opponent Sam Brown a weak Principled Puppet that has sold out to Uni-Party/RINO leaders Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, and all of the other Never-Trumper RINOs.

Also, another opponent is Jeff Gunter. He is a Democrat from California up until 2021. Don’t believe me, here is the proof from Politico.




Gunter’s main residence is in Beverly Hills, California. He only rented a house here one year so he could try to BUY the Nevada Senate seat with his millions of dollars. He was a registered Democrat until 2021. He has never voted in Nevada. He Did NOT Vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020.

I am certain Nevadans will not be fooled by either of these pretenders, Sam Brown a Globalist Uni-Party Shill for the WEF/RINOs, or Jeff Gunter a Democrat plant from California!

Jim is the only candidate who has won multiple Republican Primary elections and run in a statewide General election. He received almost 500,000 votes in Nevada, which indicates he has very high name recognition and has proven he has the Grass-Roots support. He has not lost a primary election yet and has won all three of them by more than 5% while being outspent 10 to 1 by his opponents.

No other candidate is better positioned to win the 2024 US Senate Republican Primary election than Jim Marchant. And Jim is the only candidate that can beat Democrat Jacky Rosen in November.

President Trump likes Jim a lot and has endorsed him in his two previous elections.

President called Jim up on the stage with him at the Minden, NV Rally.

Click Image to see Video.

For more information about Jim and this election, please visit his website at:


And if you want to help President Trump and Jim, please feel free to go here to contribute:


Please vote for Jim Marchant for US Senate.

The Primary Election is June 11th, 2024.
Early Voting is from May 25th to June 7th, 2024.
Early voting is already underway.

For Primary Election Early Voting Sites / Mail Ballot Drop-Off Locations May 25 (Saturday) to June 7 (Friday), 2024
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Thank you and please get out and vote!

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